Upload your documents here.

Your upload can contain either one pdf file of multiple jpg files.  For example, if you have a number of photos taken at one event then you would want to create one album containing many photos.  Items like programmes and results should be uploaded as single pdf files.

Your upload will require administartor approval before appearing on the browse page so will not be immediatly viewable.

All files should have their size minimised for web viewing before being uploaded.  There are lots of online tools to optimise your files before uploading, Pdfs can be resized at https://pdfresizer.com, resizing to 150dpi retains good quality whilst reducing the size considerably.  Photos can be batch resized at https://bulkresizephotos.com, setting the width to 1024 pixels yields good results, each photo should not exceed a few hundred KBs.  The storage required for the Varsity Vault is relatively expensive so your help with this will prevent extra charges being added to the old blues web site hosting costs.

Individual file size is limited to 9.5MB as an absolute maximum.  It should be possible to get most files considerable smaller than this.

General Information:

Name The name that will appear in the main listing and below the document when it is selected.
Description Extra description text, this appears below the name when the document is selected.
Category Give the artifact a category so that it can be easily found.
NOTE: Currently this is not used (although it is displayed) but in the future this will allow the archive to, for example, be filtered by "Varsity Match Programmes" or "Old Blues Match Results" etc...  So please ensure you fill this in!  If your document does not fit in any of the existing categories then the admin will need to addd a new category, go to the assistance page for more information.
Source Date  * Ensure date is in format dd/mm/yyyy This is the date that the document was actually produced.  This is important as it is used to decide which academic year the document relates to so at the very least ensure the year and month are correct.  For event programmes assume the first day of the competition.  For event results assume the last day of the competition.
Supplied By This is the name of the person whose attic the document was found in!
Uploaded By This is your name.
Uploaded By Email Address Your email address.  This is stored just in case we need to ask you anything about it but is not shown on the website.


File Information:

Each item should be either a .pdf or .jpg file.  Only one pdf should be uploaded but multiple jpegs can uploaded in order to make an album.  File types should not be mixed.  There is a limitation that the files need to be uploaded within 45 minutes of being added to the artifact (i.e. you have 45 minutes to write all the Item names and descriptions).

Item File(s)
Identify the file item or items to be uploaded.  Currently supported file types are .pdf and .jpg only.  Files size is limited to 9.5MB but should be optimised to the minimum size required before uploading to allow for reasonable download times.  All files will be kept on a DB hosted under the Old Blues web site so larger files may also increase the cost of hosting.

Recaptcha code required before saving artifact: