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OB Biographies

Below is a list of the Old Blues who deserve a special mention. If you think you should make the list, (including a photo of yourself) and we will decide if you deserve the same internet glory as these guys:
  • Ed Donati - Last Man Standing contestent in 2009. Last Man Standing is a BBC reality TV show. It features six athletic males travelling around the globe to take part in 8 different tribal or traditional sports. Whoever outperforms the rest in the most challenges is declared the winner, the Last Man Standing. Ed did OUMPA proud.

  • Matthew Barnes - Runner. Juggling running with a demanding career in law, Matthew retired from pentathlon shortly after achieving 24th at the 2002 World Championships. Matt ran to a remarkable 62nd in the English National Cross Country Championships in 2004 and is looking to build on this result to achieve his aim of getting on the National Squad. In 2007, Matt ran a sub 4-minute mile - read his account here.

  • Euan Lees - Ironman Triathlete. Euan has competed in many triathlon including a gruelling ironman competition. Most of Euan's time at VM2004 was spent on the "turbo trainer" he set up in the stats room training for the triathlon world championships. Euan prides himself on coming back for Old Blues matches and thrashing the current blues team in the physicals despite being nearly ten years their senior. Also competes in Tough Guy competitions; so is certified mad.

  • Nick Fang - International Fencer. Nick competed for Singapore in the Commonwealth Games and was recently back in England for the London A Grade.

  • Emily deRiel - Modern Pentathlon Olympic Silver Medallist in 2000. Emily, like Steph (below), discovered Pentathlon in Oxford so OUMPA has a lot to be proud of!

  • Steph Cook - Modern Pentathlon Olympic Gold Medallist in 2000, World Champion in 2001. The pride of OUMPA. Everyone knows about Steph so there isn't much more we need mention. Read an account of Sydney 2000 here.

  • Hugh Boustead - British Team Captain at the Antwerp Olypics in 1920. Read his short biopgraphy here.

See the list of past Oxford competitors and committee dating back to 1958.

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