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OB Match

The OB Match is run in Feb every year and is an important selection competition for current OUMPA memebers.

Sat 8th Feb 2014

On Sat 8th Feb 2014 some of the finest athletes ever to serve OUMPA will descend on Iffley Sports Complex, Oxford.

After a day of fencing, swimming, and combined event (shoot/run 1k/shoot/run 1k/shoot/run 1k), OB's are invited to attend a 3-course dinner at Vinnies, followed by drinks and prize-giving. Those looking for further adventure may try to relive the "glory days" in one of Oxford's finest clubs.

OBs are not expected to ride, but are welcome to do so with the current OUMPA members late on Fri night (7th Feb). Guns and fencing equipment will be provided and there will be an opportunity for OBs to practise before the events starts for real.


You can enter the 2014 OB Match and/or attend the dinner by clicking on the following link: 2014 OB Match Entry.

Alternatively you can contact


A link detailing the event timetable will soon be made available on this page.

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